12 dec 2017

Energy & Spatial Changes

How does the energy transition transform our cities and landscapes?
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The transition towards a low-carbon future is accelerating across all sectors in The Netherlands. But are we doing enough, and are we pursuing the right strategies? How much space does the energy transition require and are we able to accommodate those needs in our densely populated country? What is the spatial impact of this transition on the living environment, in both urban and rural landscapes? AMS Institute dives into the dynamics and solutions of the sustainable energy transition; and explores its spatial, social and technological questions for the city of Amsterdam, its metropolitan region and the Netherlands as a whole.

With a.o. Sven Stremke, Andy van den Dobbelsteen, Pauline Westendorp and Pallas Agterberg.

In the first half of the event we focus on the energy transition within urban areas: what kind of sustainable energy solutions and experiments are taking place in the city of Amsterdam? What kind of technologies are being developed, how are they implemented, and how do these interventions change our cities?

  • We open the night with two examples from the URSES+ research program -set up by NWO, Shell and AMS Institute, in search for answers to energy issues in the city. What are reliable and affordable energy solutions for the residents of Amsterdam, both now and in the future?
  • Afterwards, various energy transition stakeholders take place for the first round table discussion. What are the biggest challenges for the energy transition in the city of Amsterdam, and how does the transition impact our spatial surroundings?

The second half of the evening focusses on the energy transition from the perspective of the MRA and the Netherlands a a whole.

  • Principal Investigator at the AMS Institute, Sven Stremke, will open the second half with a national perspective on the energy transition, which he also present in the recent book Energie & Ruimte: a national perspective (see below).
  • After this introduction, Sven and several stakeholders within the metropolitan region of Amsterdam will share their perspectives on and experiences with the energy transition. Which steps need to be taken in the region, the country, and at sea? How can we design a sustainable energy landscape?


Energy & SpaceSchermafbeelding 2017-12-04 om 11.33.25

AMS Principal Investigator Sven Stremke recently worked on a project with four design companies (H+N+S, POSAD, FABRICations, Studio Marco Vermeulen), Deltametropool and the NRGlab/Wageningen University that aims to inform the Dutch discourse on sustainable energy transition, from a spatial perspective.

This resulted in a book, entitled Energie & Ruimte – een nationaal perspectief (Energy & Space: a national perspective). It can be downloaded for free in high- and low-resolution (Dutch only).


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Geschreven door: Wij Maken Nederland
ma 4 dec 2017

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