22 jun 2018

Making Places

Insights in innovative approaches to area development.
ma 11 jun
Geschreven door: Wij Maken Nederland

With a fast-growing city and high demands for housing, success is often measured in housing numbers and sustainability objectives. But these goals do not matter if people, buildings, organizations, activities, smell, color and more are not in harmony with each other and all stakeholders don’t feel involved in the process of decision making. Building houses are one thing but realizing a neighborhood is something else. How can people of all ages, with different abilities and socio-economic backgrounds enjoy a place while also playing a key role in its creation, identity, and maintenance? What kind of innovative approaches of integrated area development are there? How can more traditional parties use the opportunities that co-creation processes offer? This morning we will look into innovative approaches to area development and with the motto ‘No Spectators, Only Participators’ we set the stage for the area expeditions in the afternoon.

Every speaker in this programme uses innovative tools within area development. It’s very special to see all of these tools combined in our programme setup. We start with a number of inspiring keynote speakers. After their introduction, we will enter into a dialogue with each other using a horizontal exchange of knowledge. Our goal is to inspire and to learn from each other so that we can build better cities.

Join us and learn from a.o. Ethan Kent (Project for Public Spaces), Peter Heuvelink (AM), Hans Karssenberg (STIPO), Chantal Robbe (Stadkwadraat), Ekim Tan, PhD (PLAY the CITY), Saskia Beer (TransformCity), Gwenda van der Ham (BRAND The Urban Agency), Gerard Roemers (Metabolic), Martijn de Waal (Hogeschool van Amsterdam), Fulco Treffers (12N Urban Matters), and many others!

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Geschreven door: Wij Maken Nederland
ma 11 jun 2018

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