22 mrt 2018

Resilience Matters conference

How to join forces to co-create cities of the future?
wo 7 mrt
Geschreven door: Wij Maken Nederland

Resilience Matters is the final event of the Urbact Resilient Europe programme. It will take place in Rotterdam, a dynamic port city known for its innovation and bold experiments. Participants are warmly invited to explore Rotterdam and its resilience projects by joining the optional excursion programme at 21st March afternoon.

On this one-day event, we are going to discuss strategies face-to-face to enhance city’s resilience. Becoming more resilient means striving to improve the ability to bounce back and grow even stronger in the face of the chronic stresses and unexpected shocks.

As such, city resilience is a continuous challenge for communities, institutions and businesses to address the current social, economic and environmental transitions, which are so often interconnected.
Sharing experiences coming from a diverse group of European cities, we will address the following questions:

  • How to identify resilience challenges and opportunities?
  • How to join forces to co-create cities of the future?
  • How to move beyond experiments and mainstream innovative practices?

Are you interested in joining Resilience Matters? Participation is free of charge! Also follow us on Twitter(link is external) to stay tuned.

Click here to register for Resilience Matters on 22nd of March.(link is external)

If you have any kind of trouble signing up for the event, feel free to send your question to: resilienteurope@rotterdam.nl

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Geschreven door: Wij Maken Nederland
wo 7 mrt 2018

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